In 1670 a pilgrim called Baba Budan first introduced the coffee bean to Southern India. On a pilgrimage to Mecca Baba Budan discovered the wondrous bean and its effects. At that time it was illegal to remove fertile coffee beans from Yemen so Baba Budan secured seven beans to his person and brought them back to the hills of the Western Ghats where they still flourish to this day.

Facts obtained from The Coffee Board of India.

  • India's coffee production- 200,000 tons.
  • India's domestic coffee consumption - 55-60,000 tons
  • Exports during 1995-96 - 170,000 tons
  • Types of coffee exported - the break up:
  • 85% - green coffee
  • 1% - roasted coffee
  • 14% - instant/soluble coffee
  • Indian Robusta is the best coffee for espresso coffee blends. Indian
  • Robusta coffee is considered the finest by the trade.
  • Export is mainly of washed coffee, which is of top quality.
  • Seasons of export: Arabica - January onwards. Robusta - March/April onwards
  • Monsooned coffees - October onwards
  • Specialty coffees - all the year round

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